For music, dance and theatre events. Old industrial architecture is harmoniously combined with functional equipment to create a venue with exceptional character and charm. The audience has a very good view of the stage from the fixed grandstand construction. The U-shaped enclosure of the stage is characteristic for the studio character of the events.

  • Floor space: 455 sqm

  • Room height: 10.5 m

  • Capacity: 450 seated or 1000 standing (fixed grandstand construction)

  • Stage dimensions: stage depth: left 7.5 m, right 3 m; stage front 17.5 m (= 92 sqm), extension: 12 m x 1.20 m, dance floor according to stage dimensions, stage height 0.8 m; fixed screen 4 m x 3 m

  • Counter (10 m) at the entrance, second stand counter on the opposite side of the hall

  • Direct stage exit with lorry loading ramp (gate: 2 x 2 m), second access to ground-level backstage area

  • Backstage area backstage: 63 sqm, equipment: mirror, 2 showers, 3 washbasins, toilet

Kesselhalle Audienceplot (PDF)

Kesselhalle Stageplot (PDF)

Floor plan Kesselhalle (PDF)


The Magazinkeller is an event room for a maximum of 196 people in the basement of the Schlachthof. Separate events can be held there thanks to an outside access via a ramp. The connection to the foyer allows the room to be included in the context of large events. Concerts, parties and readings are held, mainly by member groups, private users and organisers using the “do it yourself” method.

  • for events without admission: € 500 (deposit € 200.00)

  • for events with admission: € 600 (deposit € 200,00)

  • Floor space: 200 sqm

  • Room height: 2.4 m

  • Capacity: 196 standing places

  • 24 sqm stage platforms

  • 3 m long refrigerated counter

  • Outside access via ramp to the basement

Grundriss Magazinkeller (PDF)