Media Workshop

The media lab is the place for everyone who wants to use digital media in an artistic and committed way. We combine the work of aspiring professionals and amateurs, artists and creative people of all ages.

The projects of the Medienwerkstatt use artistic tools and theoretical debates to question developments in society. The topics are oriented towards current challenges and offer space for utopias. Our projects are developed and advertised in various cooperations and networks ranging from local to international. Workshops accompany the projects and offer participants the opportunity to learn or deepen creative techniques and to exchange ideas with each other. The results are presented to the public through festivals, exhibitions, podcasts and websites.

In our workshops, children and young people can learn how to be creative with media in a playful and self-determined way. The media workshop offers the opportunity to make their own short films, to write radio plays, to set them to music or to work on an entertaining report. It is important to us to give the youngest members of society a voice for their ideas and wishes.

We look forward to cooperation and exchange!

The work areas of the media workshop are:

  • Thematic projects

  • Workshops für Kinder und Jugendliche

  • Promoting and teaching media competence

  • Productions (video and audio) for interdisciplinary projects, exhibitions and educational work

  • Advice and support for non-commercial film projects (documentary, image film, DVD production) and emerging filmmakers

  • Advice and support for audio projects