Pub and restaurant

For almost as long as the cultural centre has existed, the building has also been home to a pub. It is located on the first floor and is one of the most beautiful rooms in the building with the architectural elements of the old industrial building, the high windows, the old spiral staircase, the historic columns and the built-in gallery level. Up to 80 people can be catered for in the dining room - or more for private parties. There is also a beer garden and a pavilion with a bar outside, which are also used in summer.

In the 44-year history of the cultural centre, various tenants have run the restaurant and organised small cultural events as well as food and drinks. Traditionally referred to as a pub, it has always been much more: a restaurant, bar, meeting point before and after events, regular pub or party location.

We are currently looking for tenants who would like to join this tradition. Please get in touch with us if you already have experience in the catering trade and are interested in running the pub with beer garden and pavilion.